Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tenaya Creek

I almost fell into the creek getting this shot. In order to use a long exposure to show the motion of the water I had to steady the camera and since there was no way to use a tripod for this, I leaned on a tree trunk that was leaning out over the creek, this worked fine and got me a great angle for the shot, but I noticed as I composed the shot, that I was slowly sliding around the tree, and snapped the shot just in time to recover before I fell into the icy snow melt.

Tenaya Creek - wildlandphotos - Fine Art Photography Prints

Sunday, August 24, 2008

California Gold...

One thing I plan to do here is to tell the stories behind the photos. For instance, my wife gets most of the credit for this shot, as it was she who spotted this scene beside the road... The setting sun was illuminating these flower filled fields, and she cried out something like, "Oh, you should stop and shoot that." It worked out well...
California Gold - Fine Art Photography by Josh Emmons

Saturday, August 23, 2008


One of my shots i'm currently enamored with is titled "precarious", and I think you'll see why...

I shot this at sunset while hiking in the Dinosaur National Monument east of Vernal, UT. I had walked out on this peninsula of rock in order to shoot the side of the cliff, but my gaze was drawn downward, and the fisheye lens made for a unique and dizzying perspective... pretty cool IMHO.

The hacking is slowing down...

I think I'm finally zeroing in on the looks and functionality I'm after on my gallery. Although there'll probably never be a true "final form", I think I can welcome you to my fully armed and operational photo gallery -

After creating a gallery site from scratch (with what must have been some of the ugliest code on the face of the planet), I was hitting a wall trying to integrate some sort of purchasing system to sell prints. Enter smugmug... Their site is set up to display photos, and has a built-in ordering system...Very nice. At $150 a year for a pro account, and esentially unlimited storage and bandwidth, it's a great deal. Hosting alone might have cost me more had I continued to go it alone.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome / under construction

Hey, this doesn't really exist yet, but go here to see my pictures.