Thursday, November 10, 2011

Social Media Networking Blitz!

Howdy everyone -  Right now 21 people "Like" my wildlandphotos facebook page and 3 people are following my Google+ page (which is new, give it time ;-)... so a total of around 24 folks are getting updates from me. (I'm excluding twitter here - I'm fairly convinced that most of my few followers on twitter are simply hoping for a follow-back - if you are following me on twitter and actually enjoy my photos, send me a tweet to that effect and I'll add you to the list.)

When that number hits 50, I'll have a drawing with those 50+ names and the winner will get a free 8x12 inch print of their choice (from my site - not some famous photographer's).

So spread the word... spam your friends and family - it's for their own good (well it's for a chance to win).  What they need to do is head to my facebook page and "Like" it or my Google+ page and "Circle Me" (as the new expression goes). (or they can follow me on twitter @wildlandphotos and then tweet me to let me know they're a real fan ;-)...

And don't stop when I hit 50... at 100 fans I'll give away a 12x18" print! We'll see what I can come up with at 200...

Fall at Burst Rock ~ Stanislaus National Forest, California

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